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Re-enacting groups, Ren. Faires and other organizations often have specialized regalia to indicate various things. I often create such objects to order, and even keep a few of the more common items in stock.


SCA Specific Items

 Renaissance Laurel Pendants.
Sterling silver, pearls, and on some, stones.
These sturdy little pendants are reversible and about 30mm across. This example has an emerald, but other stones are available.

 Renaissance Pelican Pendants.
Sterling silver, and on some, pearls and stones.
These pelican pendants are fully round, and about 25mm head to wingtip. They can be ordered with a variety of stone, including amethyst, garnet, lapis, carnelian, and many others, and customized versions may be requested.

 Laurel Wreath.
.999 Silver, and sterling silver.

In this simple wreath the leaves are engraved and soldered to a structure of forged silver wire. I make these to order.


Sterling silver.

These graceful 12th century prick spurs are available in either silver or bronze, and with the option of custom mounts and fittings.


Collars and Chains

Chain of Office. - Sterling silver.

This massive chain was a custom order for a woman in California. The medallions with the roses are thick, and 50mm across, about the size of a silver dollar.


Hearaldic Collar with Enamel Pendant.
Sterling silver, enamel, and garnets.

This collar is made of twenty linked silver crossed crosslets, each set with a square garnet, and the links betwen them are carved to the shape of barbed quatrafoils. The pendant is a green enamel with the crossed crosslet pattern in the diapering. It is set with a garnet on the reverse.

Crowns and Coronets


 Ornate Hinged Coronet. - 18K gold with silver trim and many gemstones.

Making this coronet occupied my time for some months. In this view of the front you can see some of the many beautiful stones, including the four large emeralds around the central intaglio.


 Detail, center back of above coronet.

The large tourmaline at center is set in prongs carved to the shape of fleur de lis. The diaper pattern visible on the adjacent panels gives sparkle to the work.

Spanish Crown.
Sterling silver, and jade.
This piece was an elaborate custom order. The six open panels along the top are complex castings with images of lions, pomegranates and pirate ships. The remainder of the work is fabricated and set with jade.

Pomegranate Coronet.
Brass, bronze, pearls, and garnets.
The band of this coronet is brass with pomegranates worked in thick red bronze on the crenells. The lower edge is strung with pearls and garnets cut to the shape of pomegranate seeds. They move a little when the coronet is worn and make a pleasing little sound.

Arts and Crafts Strawberrry Crown.
Sterling silver, and garnets.
One of a matched pair, this beautiful strawberry crown was essentially a minature blacksmithing project. The band is made of intertwined silver bars forged to a taper, and fixed to a twisted bar. They are collared at the back to look like a bundle of vines bound with cord. The leaves are engraved silver sheet, and the berries are garnets cut to the shape of wild strawberries, and with little seeds engraved on them.

Carolina Ren. Faire Crown.
Bronze, garnets, and sapphires.
This was a rush project. The faire was due to open in less than a month and they had lost the crown. There was no time to make masters and molds, so I made waxes with lots of molds that I already had, and put them together and cast them. You may see elements in this crown that I have used on other projects. This is a heavy eight panel hinged crown, in which each panel is one casting.

If you have questions about any of my work, or want to see more detailed images of any of the things you see here do not hesitate to contact me.

Bill Dawson
3403 Steamboat Island Road NW
PMB # 527
Olympia, WA 98502